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Financial advisers have a wide range of products and concepts they have to deliver to customers regularly. Often advisers are educating just as much as they are providing services, and it is through this process that they can enable customers to make well-informed financial decisions.

Providing content that is tailored to customer attitudes at each stage of the buying cycle increases the number of positive interactions customers have with your brand and can help with building trust toward a final purchasing decision.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a multimodal communications strategy that connects a target audience to a specific message.  In other words, content marketing gets information out to people--generally, people who are potential customers.  

As Josh Steimle put it in “What is Content Marketing?” for Forbes, content marketing is how service providers build awareness and educate customers.  Reaching customers in these early stages of the buying cycle responds to and helps shape their needs, which impacts their final buying decision.

Reaching customers later in the cycle with detailed information and models of how products will impact their lives (or free trials where possible) can convert into a sale with a much quicker turn-around (and less time to do the convincing).

There are 4 basic asset types--or modes--when it comes to a content marketing strategy: visual, audio, video and informational.  This includes items such as diagrams, infographics, podcasts, YouTube videos, blog articles and whitepapers.  A branded content strategy delivers information in these modes and is tied directly to the business or service delivering them.  Financial Advisers providing articles and videos to single-family customers or to businesses representing their employees can open up lines of communication throughout the research process.

More advanced content marketing strategies include learning management systems like Enrich’s Financial Wellness platform, which includes all 4 of the basic content marketing assets. The ultimate goal of branded content is to deliver relevant information the moment it’s needed, and to build a relationship by doing so. 

The award-winning Enrich Financial Wellness platform is a living, breathing online platform, where both content and features are continually added and updated, often on a daily basis. To that end, Enrich has an in-house staff of content providers, including writers, editors and video production teams. By managing these processes in-house, Enrich is able to add and update site features and content regularly in order to meet the interests and demands of a diverse financial market. 

Content marketing has become the lifeblood of many organizations. By leveraging Enrich’s Financial Wellness platform, Financial Advisers can add both a powerful lead nurturing tool and quality content for existing clients and their families--a strategic marketing solution at a fraction of the price.