Greetings and Happy Holidays,

Have you been good or bad this year - financially-speaking of course!

As CEO of a financial wellness company, it dawns on me that the holiday season is a time for joy and celebration with family and loved ones, but also an inevitable end-of-year reflection on one's sense of general and financial wellbeing. 

At this time of year we are all bombarded with offers to buy, buy, buy and even those with a stringent budget may be so enamored with the giving spirit that their budget flies out the window until the new year begins. While the holiday season may be an appropriate time to hit the "splurge button," when considering your New Year's resolutions be sure to include these most valuable gifts to yourself: a firm resolve to stick to future budgets, continue on a lifelong quest toward becoming more financially-literate and always be looking for ways to plan for your financial future. And last, but not least, certainly do not forget the resources available for you on our platform.

Enjoy your holiday season and have a very happy and prosperous new year.

Rob LaBreche