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3 Reasons Financial Wellness is Important in the Workplace

According to research findings by PwC, fewer employees are finding it difficult to meet their financial obligations each month, down from an alarming 49% in 2012 to 33% in the most recent study (2015). Unfortunately, concerns remain constant in terms of g

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Enrich financial wellness redesign screenshots

7 Things to Know About the Enrich Platform Redesign: An Early, Inside Look

We’re committed to our agile development philosophy, so after toying with several conceptual prototypes for what the redesigned platform would look like, we broke it down into little pieces. We grouped the most important features together and decided what

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Find Out How YOU Can Avoid Delaying Retirement

Many people assume that Medicare and Social Security will help them retire, only to find out too late that these public programs don’t offer enough to sustain them. A large portion of Americans have also failed to save on their own and are unable to bridg

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Enrich wins EEIFLE Award - Education Program of the Year

Employee Financial Wellness Program Enrich Wins Education Program of the Year Award

iGrad, the leading provider of financial wellness in higher education, is awarded top honors for its workplace financial education platform through Enrich.org – the Enrich platform wins the 2016 “Education Program of the Year” award from The Institute fo

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Bringing Financial Wellness to the Workplace

5 Things You Should Know About Bringing Financial Wellness to the Workplace

Promoting wellness in organizations is about looking at people’s health as more than just yearly check ups. Wellness can and does impact health, but it also influences quality of life, which affects people’s outlook and behavior just as much. Organi...

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guy sitting in chair by the ocean

Annuities: Is it time to give yourself a pension?

When planning for retirement, it's a good idea to diversify your retirement fund, so you don't run out. Annuities are a great option, because you can control how much you give yourself.

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colleagues talking

Talking to Colleagues About Money: How Much Should you Share?

Talking to anyone about your finances feels like sharing extremely personal information, but it can be necessary to get tips to improve your finances as well help improve theirs.

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Man driving

A Little Goes A Long Way When It Comes To Retirement Savings

Are you contributing to your retirement fund? Is your employer matching your contribution? Here's how contributing each month can add up to big savings in the long term.

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Dr. Doom and Charlie Brown discussing money

Money Talks, People Don’t - The Negative Social Stigma Behind Money - Enrich

America has a self-esteem problem, but we refuse to talk about it because, well, we have a self-esteem problem. Low self-esteem can be defined as having a negative opinion of oneself. A view that we generally place on ourselves and those around us...

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The cost of replacing an employee and the role of financial wellness as a benefit

The Cost of Replacing an Employee and the Role of Financial Wellness

High turnover rates impact company culture, productivity, engagement, and overhead. The attrition rate is the term used for the amount of money employers lose due to employees leaving. Because no two employees make the same amount, the cost of attrition

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