Student Loan Repayment Benefit Program for Employers

Demo - Student Loan Repayment Benefit Program for Employers

Promote financial wellness.
Increase employee retention.
Improve recruiting.

  • Includes award-winning interactive financial wellness program

  • Quick and easy to set up

  • Plan options include student loan contribution, retirement contribution, 529 plan, and student loan refinancing

  • Some expenses may be tax deductible under the 2020 CARES Act

How It Works


Enrich will work with your team to design a contribution plan tailored to the unique needs of your employees. You will decide which employees will be eligible, the type of plan to implement, the contribution amount, and the frequency of contributions.


Enrich will take care of the onboarding process for your employees. We will educate them through our personalized course on contribution benefits, assist them in enrolling, sync their loans, and help them in selecting which loan to pay off first.


In addition to courses on student loan repayment, employees will also have access to an entire holistic financial wellness platform. Topics covered include budgeting, credit, debt, saving, retirement, and more. The platform also provides content in a variety of formats to ensure each user can learn material in a way that is interesting for them.

Other Options

Student Loan Refinancing can sometimes be the biggest savings and fastest way to pay down student loan debt. We provide personalized education on when a student loan refinance may make sense for an employee, as well as loan refinance options.

Enrich also offers a 529 Plan contribution option which provides research and a selection tool to assist employees in setting up this benefit.


Data on goals, demographics, financial situation, knowledge gain, and overall activity is reported back to employers and employees receive emails every time there is a transaction.

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