SAN DIEGO - June 27, 2018 -- San Diego-based financial wellness education company iGrad has announced a new partnership with leading health navigation provider, Castlight Health, to integrate its Enrich™ platform with Castlight's health navigation solution for employers.

iGrad's Enrich platform is used by more than 250 employers and financial institutions nationwide to provide personalized, interactive and adaptive financial wellness education and action plans to employees and customers. Castlight's health navigation platform connects users with hundreds of health vendors, benefits resources and plan designs, guiding individuals to the best resources available to them, whether they are healthy, chronically ill or actively seeking medical care.

The integration of Enrich into the Castlight platform has multiple benefits to Castlight's hundreds of employer-customers. Financial wellness education can help reduce employees' financial stress, which is proven to negatively impact productivity and health. It also can increase employee engagement and improve retention. After surveying more than 350 major employers across the country, Castlight found that both employers and their employees want more emphasis on overall financial wellbeing.

"Retirement has consumed too much of the focus of financial wellness in the workplace," said Pierce Graham-Jones, Castlight's senior vice president of growth. "In our recent survey of the state of digital health, we found that 23 percent of employers are committed to offering, or considering offering, a financial wellness solution in 2018 -- making financial wellness this year's fastest growing solution."

Designed around a proprietary behavioral algorithm, Enrich personalizes financial information for each employee's situation and needs. It also offers tools, quizzes, videos, articles and a library of multimedia content. Because it is not tied to any specific bank or financial solution, the platform's prescriptive approach is completely objective.

"We are excited to partner with Castlight Health to offer comprehensive, adaptive and interactive financial wellness education to their employer customers," said iGrad Executive Vice President Kris Alban. "We are especially pleased that Castlight recognizes the importance of financial well-being to overall health."

In addition to Enrich, iGrad offers a financial wellness education platform, also called iGrad™, for college students that is used at more than 600 colleges and universities nationwide. iGrad is a three-time winner of Education Program of the Year (The Institute for Financial Literacy), Best Product award for three years running (University Business Magazine), as well as the Outstanding Consumer Information Award (AFCPE).

Castlight revolutionized the healthcare sector with the introduction of data-driven price transparency tools in 2008 and the first consumer-grade wellbeing platform in 2012.

Today, Castlight serves as the health navigation platform for millions of people and is a trusted partner to many of the largest employers in the world.

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