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Financial Wellness Eddy Award for Enrich's work with Virginia Retirement System

iGrad Receives Pension & Investments Eddy Award for Enrich™ Financial Wellness Platform

iGrad recently was recognized with a Pension & Investments Eddy Award for its Enrich™ financial wellness platform.

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Enrich's Your Money Personality Financial Behavior Assessment

Enrich Creates First Financial Wellness Personality Assessment

San Diego-based financial wellness company iGrad has launched the first financial wellness assessment to teach the “why” behind financial decision-making and recommend personality-based positive changes.

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Businesswoman in the city

How Do We Define Financial Wellness?

Capturing a complete definition of financial wellness is tricky because it means different things to different people. At its most basic level, financial wellness is a holistic approach to counter financial illness.

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HR employees planning a holistic financial wellness program

6 Must-haves for a Holistic Financial Wellness Program

In order to be holistic, a financial wellness program should address the needs of your workforce. In today’s diverse workplace, employees have unique needs based on their stage of life.

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5 Steps to Get Your Employees Ready for Retirement

The first step in creating retirement readiness is communication. However, not all communication about retirement is beneficial. One-size-fits-all messages are typically ignored because they really don’t “fit” anyone at all.

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Chelsea Groton Bank Partners with Enrich for Financial Wellness

Chelsea Groton Bank Partners with Enrich for Financial Wellness Education

Chelsea Groton Bank has partnered with the San Diego-based company iGrad to offer its members financial wellness education.

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NEFCU Credit Union and Enrich Financial Wellness

NEFCU Partners With Enrich for Financial Wellness Education

Enrich offers educational content including student loans, credit, car and home buying, retirement and more. Enrich also personalizes information for each person’s situation and needs.

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Principal Partners with Enrich Financial Wellness

Principal Launches Principal Milestones, New Financial Wellness Program

Principal Financial partners with Enrich to go beyond investment and benefits planning to provide the foundational information and insights needed to help consumers improve financial literacy and sustain it over time.

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Employees Working on Holistic Financial Wellness Program Courses

Financial Wellness Programs Promote Well-Being and Increase Employee Productivity

Most American employees have learned hard life lessons about finance, and many of them feel that they could use some guidance. Increasingly, employers are offering financial wellness training as part of their benefits programs.

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Employee Financial Wellness Needs Assessment

How to Survey Your Employees for Your Financial Wellness Program

Nonetheless, not just any financial wellness program will do. Your company must first find out what your employees want and need so that the program you offer can address their concerns. 

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