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How Financial Wellness Affects Employee Health

Seventy-two percent of adults surveyed by the American Psychological Association cite money as a major stressor in their life. Employee financial wellness programs help decrease financial stress and increase employee productivity by ...

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How Credit Unions are Engaging Millennials

Credit unions that help millennials manage high student loan debt and wage stagnation are better positioned to attract and keep them as members.

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How Financial Wellness Programs Help Employees Retire On Time

For some seniors, working past retirement age is a choice. They enjoy their work and want to continue. For others, retiring isn’t an option--they don’t have enough money saved.

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CWDC Employee Financial Wellness Colorado

Colorado Workforce Development Council Launches iGrad’s Enrich Financial Wellness Platform for Colorado Workers

The Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC) has launched the Enrich online and mobile financial wellness resource, which is free for incumbent retail, hospitality, and food and beverage workers as part of the state’s Lives Empowered initiative.

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How to Write an Employee Financial Wellness RFP

When selecting a provider to implement a financial wellness program to your employees, it is important to determine which one will be the right fit.

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employees completing financial wellness courses on a desk

Is Student Loan Debt a Roadblock to Retirement Savings?

Many recent studies and surveys show that adults of all ages aren’t saving adequately--or at all--for retirement, which significantly impacts employers and the economy as a whole.

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Female employee with red hair smiling and working on a laptop

Do THIS to Increase Employee Engagement in Financial Wellness Programs

For many years, companies have understood the value of offering physical wellness programs for their employees, realizing that a healthy employee is a productive one.

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group of employees working on laptop computers around a table

How Do You Measure Employee Engagement in Financial Wellness Programs?

67 percent of U.S. employees experience financial stress that impacts how they perform their jobs. In fact, financially stressed employees spend as much as three hours of their work week dealing with money worries.

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Remote employee working from home office in blue shirt writing at desk in front of Macbook Pro

How to Engage Remote Employees in Financial Wellness Programs

With more employers offering financial wellness, it’s important to have a plan to engage these remote workers. Fortunately, there are ways to engage these key team members in employee financial wellness programs.

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three women sitting at a table with computers talking about financial wellness

How to Increase Employee Retention and Recruiting With Financial Wellness

There was a time when offering a decent salary, a 401(k), and a health insurance policy was enough to attract and retain high-quality workers. Times have changed, however, and one of the most popular benefits today is the financial wellness program.

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